These sorts of things are common perceptions

2017-03-06 11:56

Oregon is well known for many things. There are many people that think of the nature first attitude of the people in Oregon. There are other people that think of the “hippie” attitude where many people still fight to legalize drugs within the state.
These sorts of things are common perceptions, but there are other things about Oregon that people should pay attention to. One of the things that should catch the eyes of a lot of people is the casino gambling scene in the state of Oregon.

In 1984 the state put out a ballot that would potentially legalize gambling in bars or other establishments that would be made for gambling. The idea of casinos was still not one that was welcome at that time though. The state was adamant that gambling should not happen in casinos within the state. There would just be other establishments that would be allowed to take advantage of the new law.

Gambling in Oregon progressed in the same way that it did in many other states. That would be by way of the Native American population. The Native Americans were driven out of their lands by the people settling America years and years ago. The people and government of America today recognize that what they did was not just and good in every way. Because of these misdeeds, the states often give land to the Native American population for their mistreatment. This has been a huge factor in the advancement of gambling. These lands often are not subjected to the same rules as the lands surrounding them. Because of this it is possible to build casinos in a place where no other casinos are allowed. This happened in Oregon in 1988.

This trend continues today. There are tons of “Indian Casinos” around the state. These casinos have lobbied over the year to be allowed to use more types of gambling. The state of Oregon continues to be adamant that they should not allow many types of gambling.

There are concerns surrounding the gambling culture that has begun. Oregon has some concerns that it will affect that culture that they have established. There have been hundreds of millions of dollars flowing into the hands of the tribes that own these casinos.

Oregon has found that many people in their state have addictions with gambling and they have been working to fight that trend. There are things such as the “Oregon Gambling Addiction Treatment Foundation” that are instituted in order to help those people that are struggling with addiction to gambling. One positive note is that there are even casinos that are taking part in contributing to this cause. This is a good token to show that these casinos do want to help those people that have serious problems with gambling in their lives.

Oregon is a beautiful place and these casinos will allow you to get a taste of Las Vegas while still taking part in the natural beauties that are held in Oregon. This sort of mix is not available in many places outside of the state of Oregon.